Dropper Stopper

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The Sister Chic Dropper Stopper is a must have for the mothers on the go. The Dropper Stopper was designed to prevent baby items from ever hitting the dirty floor or ground. The hassle of picking up sippy cups or any baby item that your child just loves to throw or drops when they get tired of holding is over. The Dropper Stopper will put a end to all the picking up and washing off, to prevent your child from contacting them nasty germs. The Dropper Stopper is made with a flexible material which allows one end to wrap around strollers, highchairs, or baby carriers while the opposite end secures sippy cups, bottles, toys, and much more. The Dropper Stopper was made with a fashion sense in mind, so say good bye to the boring and plain baby accessories that make parenthood easier, in a sense. Simply just wrap it, snap it, and say good bye to the pickup game.

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